Auger South T2 History
Auger North T2 History

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CRC Internet: UP
Auger south: OK
Auger north: REBOOT
Local trigger: OK
Global trigger: OK

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Mar. 08 2017

Maintenance advisory: CLF generator scheduled for replacement around Mar. 15. Auger solar panel used to power local trigger electronics may need to be moved or disconnected.

Dec. 15 2016

Fixed a bug in local trigger program that caused the system to skip sending a T3 for a coincident event. The program is throttled to allow one local event per 5 mins (due to limited baud rate of Auger South). This results in about 300-400 local events per day.

Dec. 2 2016

New leap second introduced for GPS and UTC after December 2016: GPS will be ahead of UTC by 18 seconds (currently 17 seconds). Software running on the Auger SBC will be updated according to

Nov. 30 2016

Local trigger issues: as seen from the diagnostic plots here the local trigger system (TICTAC) is not stable. The rate increases by roughly 10x during the day time. This suggests a light leak or unstable threshold level in the comparators. Further investigation required.

Nov. 14 2016

Inital version of website brought online

Oct. 11-14 2016

Recent results presented at UHECR 2016. Please view our poster here